09 Aug 2021

In support of OceanTech and a sustainable Blue Economy

Blue-Cloud was mentioned in an article on the French website Maddyness, covering the relevance of ocean data for OceanTech ranging from energy to food and transport.

27 Jul 2021

The benefits of federating blue data infrastructures: an interview with Toste Tanhua

Toste Tanhua, Blue-Cloud ESEB member and EuroSea coordinator, has provided his point of view about Blue data infrastructures and the importance of creating connections with international players for their integration. Read more!

22 Jul 2021

All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030: Upscaling research and innovation in the Atlantic basin

The All-Atlantic Data Enterprise 2030 (AA-DATA2030) Joint Pilot Action aims at creating a one-stop, user-friendly transatlantic platform for gathering natural, social, and social-scientific data: the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space (AAODS). Discover how it is related to Blue-Cloud

09 Jul 2021

Call for researchers: Help build the EOSC ecosystem

The EOSC Future project is looking for 200+ science champions to help co-design and finetune EOSC services and products.

08 Jul 2021

Standards, best practices, challenges and incentives for maximising the use of ocean data in the Atlantic region

The need for a change in culture (and curricula), stimulating standards adoption via engaging with best practice and exemplary use cases, spreading ocean-observing and unlocking non-public archives: the outcomes of the workshop organised by Blue-Cloud on June 3rd engaged experts across the Atlantic in a dialogue to identify needs and challenges of data sharing ‘pole to pole’ and gave some recommendations towards setting up an Atlantic Data space for the ocean.

25 Jun 2021

Help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud! Take our short survey now

Blue-Cloud has taken a step further towards co-designing a collective, community vision for the future evolution of a web-based cyberspace where marine researchers and innovators will come together to share data and engage in Open Science to advance knowledge and sustainability of the Ocean. Have your say in the way this ambitious initiative develops into the future, so it responds to your needs and expectations.

31 May 2021

Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud: a synergy to strengthen open research in the fisheries field

Since April 2020, Blue-Cloud has been cooperating with FNS-Cloud thanks to the commonalities shared by the initiatives in integrating data on the thematic European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and fostering methods to make data more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable).

Read more to discover what the cooperation has brought in a relatively short time. 

11 May 2021

Nourishing blue economy, sharing ocean knowledge: Blue-Cloud and the Horizon Results Booster

Blue-Cloud joined a 10-project-strong group called "Nourishing Blue Economy, Sharing Ocean Knowledge" in the context of the EC-funded Horizon Results Booster, focussing on supporting excellence in marine research, policies & partnerships in Europe and beyond.

04 May 2021

Developing an All-Atlantic Data Space for the Ocean: Register for our 3 June workshop

On Thursday 3 June, Blue-Cloud is co-hosting a joint workshop with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AANChOR), the G7 Future of the Seas and Oceans Initiative, and the two Horizon 2020 projects iAtlantic and AtlantECO, as a side-event at the All-Atlantic 2021.

02 May 2021

Assessing plankton distributions through data mining: the Plankton Genomics demonstrator

The "Plankton Genomics: Multidisciplinary data mining to assess plankton distributions" webinar took place on 23 April 2021. It welcomed more than 70 participants and gave the opportunity to learn more about the Blue-Cloud Plankton Genomics demonstrator.

Read the highlights and watch the webinar recording!