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Virtual labs

Researchers work closely together with the Blue-Cloud technical team to describe Virtual Lab workflows and technical requirements, in order to implement them in the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment and further test its capabilities on specific topics.

Carbon-Plankton Dynamics

This model will use carbon units to study nutrient availability, productivity, organic matter, and interactions in marine regions beyond MIRAMARE.

Global Fisheries Atlas

Explore the operational GRSF and FA VLabs in Blue-Cloud, enabling global access to fisheries data. Experience enhanced knowledge management and spatial data interoperability for impactful research and insights.

Coastal currents from observations

Improve integration and accuracy of ocean surface current data with Blue-Cloud 2026. Generate integrated maps using HF radar, drifter, and satellite altimetry data.

Integration of coastal ocean observations along Europe

Integrate diverse ocean data for enhanced knowledge base. Blue-Cloud 2026 combines JERICO-RI data, advanced visualisations, and expanded functionalities for valuable coastal insights.

Plankton Genomics

Enabling scientific exploration of plankton, including its distributions, dynamics and fine-grained diversity to molecular resolution, through genomics analysis.

Marine Environmental Indicators

This VLab enables monitoring, assessment, and decision-making for marine areas. Exploit diverse data sources in a unique analysis service for online computation of indicators.

Zoo and Phytoplankton EOV products

Processing several data resources available under different European marine networks to produce unique zoo and phytoplankton EOV products.

Fish, a matter of scales

Improving data management and analytic capabilities for fisheries by expanding the Virtual Lab for the Fisheries Atlas and the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries.

Aquaculture Monitor

Delivering a tool to produce national aquaculture sector overviews for monitoring aquaculture in marine cages and in coastal areas.