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Unlock the potential of Open Science and FAIR data principles for marine research

Welcome to the Blue-Cloud Training Academy! This space offers comprehensive lessons and materials that guide you in utilising Blue-Cloud services for Open Science in marine research.

Discover how to harness the power of our platform and embrace Open Science practices in the ocean science domain. Additionally, we host dedicated meetings to foster the uptake of Open Science practices and FAIR data principles, ensuring that you stay at the forefront of innovative research methodologies. Join us on this educational journey to unlock the full potential of Open Science in marine research with the Blue-Cloud Training Academy.

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Training materials & user guides

Carbon-Plankton Dynamics Virtual Lab

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Pint, Steven

The NPZD (Nutrient-Phytoplankton-Zooplankton-Detritus) Virtual Lab was developed in the pilot Blue-Cloud project based on near real-time data of phyto- & zoo-plankton abundances and environmental parameters and tested and validated for the southern part of the North Sea.

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Unlocking the potential for integration of Coastal Ocean Observations along Europe (ICOOE)

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Vitorino, João; Lima, Vânia; Nunes, Paulo; Fernández, Juan Gabriel; Charco, Miguel; Villoria, Juan Miguel; Pearlman, Jay

Many types of ocean data are available from a variety of sources, but they are not all coordinated or interoperable. Integration of diverse datasets needs to be addressed and demonstrated to facilitate the creation of an effective knowledge base for applications and policy decisions.

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Marine Environmental Indicators VLab in the pilot Blue-Cloud

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Palermo, Francesco

The demonstrator “Marine Environmental Indicators” has a specific focus on data related to the marine environment, and it is led by the CMCC Foundation, in collaboration with IFREMER

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Blue-Cloud VRE Open Science services for building, hosting and operating Virtual Labs

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Assante, Massimiliano

The Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment platform provides a range of services and to facilitate orchestration of computing and analytical services for constructing, hosting and operating Virtual Labs for specific applications.

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