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Physics: temperature & salinity

This Workbench will implement a cloud-based workflow to generate harmonised, validated and customisable EOV data collections for temperature and salinity, integrating datasets released from different EU and non-EU data infrastructures for the test region of the Mediterranean Sea.

We will combine data from different sources like Copernicus Marine Service, SeaDataNet, and NOAA. This requires making sure the data fits together and is accurate. We are then going to use this combined data to create improved climate information. Starting in the Mediterranean Sea, our goal is to expand globally by year 3 of Blue-Cloud 2026.

The optimised workflow will allow to rapidly/systematically derive and upgrade integrated data collections and generate different datasets as e.g. gridded climatologies. The Workbench will deliver the harmonised datasets and the cloud-based workflow in Open Access to users and big data infrastructures for uptake.


This task is led by Simona Simoncelli, INGV

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