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30 September 2024 09:00 – 4 October 2024 18:00
Lecce, Italy
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About Blue-Cloud

Blue-Cloud 2026 is a collaborative project that leverages Europe's expertise in aquatic environmental observation and data handling. Building on existing infrastructures like Copernicus and EMODnet, Blue-Cloud aims to create a federated ecosystem for FAIR and open data in marine research. Through a web-based platform, it offers simplified access to multidisciplinary datasets, analytical services, and computing facilities.

Over 42 months, Blue-Cloud 2026 will expand its core services, integrate more analytical tools, and enhance data discovery and access. With a focus on supporting the EU Blue Economy and environmental agendas, it strives to contribute to the EU Green Deal and UN Sustainable Development Goals. Coordinated by CNR, Trust-IT Services, and MARIS, the project brings together a dedicated team of 40 partners from 13 EU countries.

Access the Blue-Cloud services

Data Discovery & Access Service

An easy and FAIR service for discovering and retrieving multi-disciplinary data sets and products managed and provided by Blue Data Infrastructures.

Virtual Research Environment

An Open Science platform for collaborative marine research, using a wide variety of datasets and analytical tools, complemented by generic services.

Thematic Virtual Labs

Researchers work closely together with the Blue-Cloud 2026 technical team to describe Virtual Lab workflows and technical requirements.

Featuring data from leading European infrastructures

The Blue-Cloud technical infrastructures

Our latest news

Blue-Cloud2026 at the EOSC WinterSchool 2024

The EOSC Winterschool 2024 in Thessaloniki was a collaborative event where Blue-Cloud2026 and other EOSC entities focused on enhancing open science through discussions on interoperability and data sharing within the marine research community.

Insights from the Blue-Cloud2026 2nd General Assembly , 7-9 November 2023

From 7 to 9 November 2023 the 70+ representatives of the Blue-Cloud 2026 team gathered in Rome (Italy) for its 2nd General Assembly (GA) meeting, an opportunity for the consortium to discuss the work performed in the first year of the project and the upcoming activities.

Blue-Cloud Training Academy: help us shape the next webinars

Take 3 minutes of your time to confirm which of the topics you would like to see tackled in the upcoming courses of the Blue-Cloud Training Academy.