Piloting a cyber platform bringing together and providing access to:
- Multi-disciplinary data from observations, in-situ and remote sensing
- Computing facilities
Which combined are essential to support research to better understand and manage the many aspects of ocean sustainability
- Analytical tools
A series of webinars on the Blue-Cloud Demonstrators
Expanding cross-domain digital resources for fisheries management
A series of webinars on the Blue-Cloud Demonstrators
Enhancing data-driven solutions for fish farming policies and management
Federating data infrastructures in Blue-Cloud
"Blue-Cloud is a key component of the very high precision digital model of the Earth announced in the EU Green Deal."
All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 6 February 2020, Brussels
EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel

Five, real-life demonstrators

Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products Webinar - 12 February 2021
Marine Environmental Indicators Webinar
Fish, a matter of scales Webinar
Aquaculture Monitor Webinar
Improving the knowledge of our oceans and seas and bringing them closer to citizens - Workshop
5 February 2020 - Brussels, Belgium


The strength of open marine data

Analysing and studying oceanic marine data is becoming more and more relevant, given the critical role the ocean plays in mitigating climate change. 

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Entering the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

The United Nations officially launched the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development in January 2021, let's see how Blue-Cloud can interact with this fundamental framework.

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Blue-Cloud data infrastructures: An interview with Jean-Olivier Irisson on EcoTaxa

As a celebration for the successful end of the first year of Blue-Cloud, we are launching a new series of interviews with representatives of ...

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Copernicus Marine Service General Assembly

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ENVRI Week 2021

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