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The main purpose of JERICO-RI is to enable a sound understanding of the responses of coastal marine systems to natural and anthropogenic stressors. To do so, JERICO-RI adopts a systematic approach to monitor, observe, explore and analyse coastal marine systems in order to reach reliable information of their structure and functioning in the context of global change. JERICO- RI encompasses the whole range of environmental sciences, technologies, and data sciences. It achieves observations at global, regional and local scales, through the implementation of a set of complementary platforms and multidisciplinary observation systems.

JERICO-RI is one of the new blue data infrastructures federated in Blue-Cloud 2026, making its data available via the Data Discovery & Access Service.

This is particularly relevant to the development of the Essential Ocean Variables Workbenches for Physics and Eutrophication.

In addition, JERICO data is fundamental for two of the thematic Virtual Labs:


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