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Copernicus Marine Services supports H2020 projects

The Copernicus Marine Service launched the #CMEMSforH2020 campaign with the objective of fostering the use of Copernicus Marine Data among marine-related H2020 projects such as Blue-Cloud.

Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud come together to better support decision- and policy-makers

The two thematic EOSC clusters Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud agreed to launch a new synergy on data and frameworks related to seafood and nutrition values.

Call for reports - how the marine environment is responding to COVID19 confinement

A Community Call launched by ECO Magazine is circulating about how the ocean is responding to COVID19. Observations invited by 19th April.

Plankton, a key to facing climate change - A Blue-Cloud demonstrator

Let's discover the Blue-Cloud demonstrator on biodiversity "Zoo and Phytoplankton EOV products", developed by VLIZ in collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences at Sorbonne University.

Federating data infrastructures in Blue-Cloud

The pilot Blue-Cloud aims at federating the 10 leading European blue data infrastructures, providing the framework for multidisciplinary collaboration.

Blue-Cloud at the EMSO Conference

Blue-Cloud was presented at the "EMSO Conference, preparing for UN Decade of Ocean Science" by the Head of EMODnet Secretariat Jan-Bart Calewaert.  

A big data approach to ocean science

Let's discover how Blue-Cloud employs big data technologies in order to support its pilot demonstrators.  

Blue-Cloud's position paper on EOSC

The Blue-Cloud consortium published a position paper on EOSC summarising the project's views, messages, and contributions, for the benefit of the EOSC Governance, the EC, and all other parties involved in the development of the EOSC.  

Fish, a matter of scales - A Blue-Cloud demonstrator

Let's discover the Blue-Cloud demonstrator on fisheries "Fish, a matter of scales", co-managed by FAO, the French IRD, and ICS-Forth.

A "blue" look at the new European Strategy for Data

The European Commission released the European Strategy for Data, announcing the creation of nine Common European data spaces addressing specific sectors. What is its relevance to Blue-Cloud?

Blue-Cloud at the ENVRI Week in Dresden

The latest edition of the ENVRI week took place in Dresden, 3-7 February 2020. The event gathered together over 110 participants from Environmental Research Infrastructures. Blue-Cloud was presented at the event by MARIS in a poster session focussed on related initiatives.

Towards a global “Blue-Cloud”: Improving the knowledge of our oceans and seas and bringing them closer to citizens

The workshop “Improving the Knowledge of our Oceans and Seas and bringing them closer to citizens”, jointly organised by Blue-Cloud with AANChOR, AORAC-SA and AtlantOS took place in Brussels in co-location with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum. The event gathered over 90 experts from around the Atlantic to discuss the benefits of establishing a global “Blue-Cloud”.