Explore EMODnet data via Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service

11 July 2022

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service was featured in the EMODnet Annual Report 2021 as one of the most relevant EU infrastructures for Open Science. Try it out now!

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service (DD&AS) provides an innovative interface facilitating discovery and retrieval of data sets and data products for marine research. These data sets are managed in a range of leading marine data and research infrastructures connected to Blue-Cloud to serve federated discovery and access.

One of the data services contributing to Blue-Cloud DD&AS is the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet). EMODnet is a long-term marine data initiative funded by the European Maritime, Fisheries and Aquaculture Fund which provides a focal point for in situ (collected in water) data from seven broad thematic areas spanning the marine environment and human activities at sea. EMODnet, together with the Copernicus Marine Service of the Copernicus space programme, provides the core infrastructure for the European Marine Data Space, as a key contribution to the global ocean data ecosystem. 

The network’s "collect once and use many times" philosophy is also at the core of Blue-Cloud, for the benefit of all marine data users, including policy makers, researchers, the private sector, as well as the general public.

Access and use quality data for your research

In the latest edition of the EMODnet Annual Report 2021, the Blue-Cloud DD&AS was mentioned as one of the channels through which to exploit data sets available in EMODnet. This is also possible via an existing MarineID account!

[...] EMODnet Chemistry confirmed its role as the platform for European marine pollution in situ observations. This is evidenced by the integration of the web Portal in some of the most relevant European infrastructures for Open Science. EMODnet Chemistry data products, for example, were indexed and made available via the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access service, the marine thematic platform of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). - From the EMODnet Annual Report 2021 (p. 20)

Marine researchers and professionals working with ocean data can exploit the Blue-Cloud DD&AS as a gateway to quality data from long-term EU marine data services and from Research Infrastructures across different domains, which can then be pushed into Blue-Cloud’s Virtual Research Environment to perform a range of analytical tasks and collaborate with your team.

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