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Piloting Blue-Cloud services at the Ocean Hackathon 2022

18 August 2022


The Campus Mondial de la Mer is the leading expert community in France for the study and development of the ocean. A network of academic, scientific, economic and institutional participants, collaborating on key issues related to marine science and technology, as well as to the blue economy.

Every year, the community hosts the Ocean Hackathon, providing the perfect opportunity for students, researchers and professionals to work in teams and develop prototypes that can contribute to a sustainable digital transition for the ocean.

Launched in 2016 in Brest, the Hackathon has since expanded to multiple locations, also outside of Europe. The Hackathon encourages sharing and reusing of digital technologies, enhancing the value of marine data and improving its accessibility.

Blue-Cloud at the Ocean Hackathon 2022

This year, as Blue-Cloud approaches the end of its journey, the time has come for us to get directly involved in the Ocean Hackathon, also considering that our partner IFREMER is a long-time ambassador of the Hackathon in France and beyond.

The Blue-Cloud Hackathon in February 2022 was itself a fundamental step for our project to mass test the Virtual Research Environment and the different services offered to researchers. On that occasion, teams exploited Blue-Cloud services to develop or enhance real-life solutions to issues such as marine litter, marine protected areas, and aquaculture management.

At the Ocean Hackathon 2022, Blue-Cloud is acting as a data provider, in particular thanks to the Data Discovery & Access Service, an online service offering access to more than 10.5 million datasets from leading European marine data providers (such as EMODnet and SeaDataNet).

Users will also be able to exploit the domain-specific Virtual Labs and their services, enabling them to perform research on biodiversity, genomics, marine environment, fisheries and aquaculture.

The Ocean Hackathon takes place on 2-4 December in 13 cities, and the winner of each local contest will be invited to pitch their project at the International Grand Final in early 2023.

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