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Integration of Blue-Cloud services in the “Wildlife Tracker for Oceans”

The Wildlife Tracker for Oceans has developed a marine conservation application exploiting data from the Blue-Cloud VLab Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV products. On 26 July the team held a webinar to show how this app was successfully implemented for the Galapagos Whale Shark Project.

Advancing priorities for ocean microbiome research

Blue-Cloud was mentioned in the list of repositories for ocean microbiome datasets in a recent article published on Nature Microbiology, produced by experts from Tara Ocean Foundation, Tara Oceans, EMBL and EMBRC-ERIC.

Explore EMODnet data via Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service was featured in the EMODnet Annual Report 2021 as one of the most relevant EU infrastructures for Open Science. Try it out now!

Ocean observations and marine data in support of the EU Green Deal: a day at EMD 2022

A joint hybrid workshop at EMD 2022 organised by the H2020 projects EuroSea and Blue-Cloud and the EC marine data service EMODnet showcased success stories and use cases from the European (and Atlantic) marine data landscape, and charted the way forward for closer collaboration on ocean observation and marine data in the context of the EU Green Deal.

Developing the Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030, together

The public consultation towards the Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030 has reached an important milestone: contributions have been gathered from nearly 100 stakeholders to shape policy recommendations for evolving Blue-Cloud as a thematic, cloud-based Open Science ecosystem for marine research into the future.

The FAO FIRMS Global Tuna Atlas is out: a new view on fisheries data

The EU-funded H2020 project Blue-Cloud contributed to advancing the interoperability of fisheries data. The FAO FIRMS Global Tuna Atlas will support and improve fisheries management across the globe. 

A Digital Twin of the Ocean by 2027: Impressions from the Digital Ocean Forum

Our impressions on the first Digital Ocean Forum held in Paris on 20-21 April, hosted by Mercator Ocean International, introducing the Digital Twin Ocean.

What can marine researchers do with the Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs?

Blue-Cloud experts from VLIZ, GHER-Uliege, CNRS, Sorbonne University, EMBL-EBI, CMCC, IFREMER, FAO, CLS, have prepared a list of brief articles explaining what researchers can do within our current Virtual Labs.

Blue-Cloud included in CORDIS "Restore our ocean and waters" synergy info pack

CORDIS has recently released a synergy info pack for the "Restore our ocean and waters" EU Mission, and Blue-Cloud was included in the list of projects to watch.

Innovative aquaculture and marine wildlife tracking ideas awarded at the Blue-Cloud Hackathon

The Blue-Cloud Hackathon brought together nearly 150 participants from a diverse community of marine science practitioners, computer scientists and innovators to test Blue-Cloud's web-based ecosystem of Open Science services and resources to address selected Ocean challenges. Three teams were awarded for their work towards improving aquaculture management and studying wildlife interactions.

IODE and Blue-Cloud, a learning experience - An interview with Peter Pissierssens

IODE and Blue-Cloud can learn from each other and collaborate to share best practices for ocean data in order to become more relevant to society. Our interview with Peter Pissierssens.

Blue-Cloud provides cross-domain marine data with EUDAT's B2FIND

Blue-Cloud currently uses EUDAT’s B2FIND service to ingest and publish metadata referencing Blue-Cloud’s data in B2FIND's interdisciplinary discovery portal. Discover the benefits of exploiting this service!