26 Jan 2022

IODE and Blue-Cloud, a learning experience - An interview with Peter Pissierssens

IODE and Blue-Cloud can learn from each other and collaborate to share best practices for ocean data in order to become more relevant to society. Our interview with Peter Pissierssens.

24 Dec 2021

Blue-Cloud provides cross-domain marine data with EUDAT's B2FIND

Blue-Cloud currently uses EUDAT’s B2FIND service to ingest and publish metadata referencing Blue-Cloud’s data in B2FIND's interdisciplinary discovery portal. Discover the benefits of exploiting this service!

22 Dec 2021

SeaDataNet awarded with the "Les Etoiles De l'Europe" Trophy!

The SeaDataNet project, one of the initiatives Blue-Cloud has been in contact with to establish synergy, won the prestigious prize "Les Etoiles de l'Europe". Read more!

24 Nov 2021

Register for the Blue-Cloud Hackathon and win prizes!

Gear up at your own pace over a 3-week ideation journey, join a 3-day virtual hackathon and win up to €60,000 in prizes! Register now for the Blue-Cloud hackathon.

08 Nov 2021

Setting sail with the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service

The beta version of the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service is online! Test this framework for finding, discovering and accessing marine environmental data and data products, built upon existing European marine data repositories, infrastructures and data services, and made possible thanks to the sharing and input of expertise and best practice from key actors in the European marine data space.

21 Oct 2021

Fostering collaborative Open Science in the marine domain - New Blue-Cloud video online!

The Blue-Cloud consortium has produced a new video to introduce the infrastructures involved in this journey, as well as the core services developed to foster Open Science in the marine domain, in support of a sustainable blue economy. Watch it now!

18 Oct 2021

Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge: Blue-Cloud contributes to policy brief with key ocean science initiatives

Blue-Cloud is one of ten innovative EU projects to build ocean observation systems that provide input for evidence-based management of the ocean and the Blue Economy, which have joined forces in the strong cluster ‘Nourishing Blue Economy and Sharing Ocean Knowledge’. Under the lead of the EuroSea project, the group published a joint policy brief listing recommendations for sustainable ocean observation and management. The policy brief was presented to the European Commission on 15 October 2021.

29 Sep 2021

Blue-Cloud strengthening interoperability with EOSC through the EGI federated login

The Blue-Cloud has been made accessible via the EGI federation of identities, one of the main logins for the wider EOSC ecosystem, allowing Blue-Cloud users to use their credentials to access any other EOSC services such as the EOSC Portal.  

22 Sep 2021

Implementing Open Science approaches in marine research: Blue-Cloud article published in Ecological Informatics

"An Open Science approach to infer fishing activity pressure on stocks and biodiversity from vessel tracking data", an article written by the Blue-Cloud team, was featured in Volume 64 of Ecological Informatics. Learn more about this Open Science integration approach for vessel tracking data.

20 Aug 2021

High quality long-term biodiversity and ecosystem data series: Blue-Cloud at EMB's Third Thursday Science

The Blue-Cloud demonstrator Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products was introduced by Michiel Vandegehuchte from VLIZ at the 19 August episode of the EMB's series of webinars on marine science for the UN Ocean Decade.