Webinar: Test the Virtual Labs - Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products

24 Mar 2022

We are launching a new webinar series to invite the entire marine research community to test the Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs. Check out the Zoo & Phytoplankton EOV Products Virtual Lab!

Oceanology International 2022

15 Mar 2022 to 22 Mar 2022

Oceanology International brings together 500+ exhibitors in the only event that links the three key players in the industry: businesses, academics and government. Visit OI2022 for innovative live on-water demonstrations and interactive seminars looking into the future of our industry

International Ocean Data Conference 2022 - The Data We Need for the Ocean We Want

14 Feb 2022 to 16 Feb 2022

The International Ocean Data Conference 2022 – The Data We Need for the Ocean We Want takes place in Sopot, Poland, and online, on 14-16 February 2022.

Blue-Cloud Hackathon - Pitching & Award Live Event

09 Feb 2022

Join us for the final “Pitching & Award Event” of the Blue-Cloud Hackathon! Watch the video-pitches delivered by the Teams, follow a thrilling Q&A session with the Teams & Judges, vote for your favourite idea and get ready to discover the Winners of the hackathon!

Blue-Cloud Hackathon

07 Feb 2022 to 09 Feb 2022

Gear up at your own pace over a 3-week ideation journey, join a 3-day virtual hackathon and win up to €60,000 in prizes! Register now for the Blue-Cloud hackathon.

Gear up for the Blue-Cloud Hackathon - Kick-off live event

17 Jan 2022

Join us in the kick-off Live Event of the 3-week Ideation Warm Up leading to the Blue-Cloud Hackathon! Learn about Blue-Cloud, gain insight into the hackathon objectives & challenges, find out what we have in store for hackathon participants and be inspired to decode the Ocean!

Blue-Cloud: An Open Science platform for collaborative marine research across the Atlantic and beyond

14 Dec 2021

Get to know the Blue-Cloud Open Science platform for marine research in this webinar, organised in collaboration with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. Follow our panel discussion with guests from the marine research community, and see how these developments can have an impact on policy.

EuroSea 2nd Anniversary Webinar

25 Nov 2021

This EuroSea stakeholder webinar will take place in the middle of the project’s lifetime to take stock of the anticipated project impacts. EuroSea is one of the Blue-Cloud sister projects, working in the panEuropean and global ocean science and policy landscape. 

EATiP Offshore Aquaculture webinar

24 Nov 2021

The EATiP Forum, co-hosted by its Mirror Platform NCE Aquatech, organises a free webinar on Offshore Aquaculture on 24 November 2021! Read more about this event and register now!

LifeWatch Biodiversity Day

28 Oct 2021

The first Lifewatch Biodiversity Day takes place on 28 October 2021! The event focuses on biologging and camera trapping, a technology that makes the world of animal research sustainable.

Read more and register for the event!