12 Sep 2023 to 13 Sep 2023
Brussels, Belgium

After four years (and a global pandemic), FNS-Cloud will launch the first generation cloud-solution for food data in Brussels (BE)

Existing food nutrition security data, knowledge, and tools for health and agri-food sciences although widespread are fragmented, lack critical mass, and access is unevenly distributed for users. This means data are not readily found, accessible, interoperable, or reusable (FAIR), and existing services focus on clinical, molecular or biological sciences. FNS-Cloud is bringing about change through standards, demonstrators, services, and FAIRer food nutrition security data.

FNS-Cloud and Blue-Cloud

FNS-Cloud is one of the well-established Blue-Cloud Synergies, in particular with the co-development of the FAO uFish dataset, a widely used and cited reference table of Food Composition values of aquatic products. The data are taken from selected publications and undergo a thorough review and validation process that must be replicated in this application.

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