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Blue-Cloud at the Open Science FAIR 2023

Blue-Cloud 2026 and FAIR-EASE at OSFAIR2023
Blue-Cloud Event
25 September 2023 09:00 – 27 September 2023 13:30
Madrid, Spain

Open Science (also referred to as Open Scholarship or Open Research) is at a crossroads. Implementation and adoption are progressing, with researchers, research institutions, funding agencies, service providers and infrastructures all engaging at various levels. However, different models are emerging which produce a seemingly fragmented ecosystem and achieve small steps on top of traditional scholarly communication system. In order to enable international and interdisciplinary research, we need to ensure interoperability across communities and services while still maintaining our ability to support diversity of workflows and knowledge systems.

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Navigating Data Lakes for Earth and Marine Science: Fair Data Management and Service Interoperability in Practice

Joint workshop with FAIR-EASE

27 September 11:30-13:30 CEST

This workshop is envisioned as an addition to the Blue-Cloud Training Academy, which aims to stimulate the uptake of FAIR data practices in marine science and neighbouring disciplines, through contributions by key actors such as EuroGOOS and IEEE. The workshop also has a strong overlap with the FAIR-IMPACT project regarding development and uptake of FAIR service descriptions (expansion of FAIR software) and methods for assessment.

To manage and provide access to a large amount of data, a federated or distributed Data Lake can be a solution but it presents some technical bottlenecks and sustainability constraints. For the federation of services it is crucial to achieve technical and semantic interoperability between the services for providing added value to users. “Just providing API’s” is not sufficient. As a basis each data access service (being a “plain” dataset access service or a more advanced subsetting service) needs a FAIR service description which includes e.g. the expected input, output, processing capacity, data policy (CC-BY), etc.

Both Blue-Cloud 2026 and FAIR-EASE run into this complex data lake challenge which could be well supported by FAIR service descriptions. Blue-Cloud 2026 is active in the marine domain developing virtual labs, work benches for Essential Ocean Variables (EOVs) and a Virtual Research Environment (VRE) on top of Blue Data Infrastructure services, and, FAIR-EASE develops similar services on top of data access services in the multi-disciplinary domain. Both projects (in coordination with other projects (e.g.,EuroSciencesGateway) contribute to the implementation of the EOSC interoperability framework.


  • 11:30 Rita Giuffrida, Trust-IT Services (Blue-Cloud 2026) - Welcome
  • Interdisciplinarly user environments
    • 11:35 Patricia Cabrera, VLIZ (Blue-Cloud 2026)
    • 11:50 Maria Luisa Chiusano, UNINA (FAIR-EASE)
  • 12:05 Katrina Exter, VLIZ (FAIR-EASE) - The Mythical Data Lake
  • 12:20 Interactive polls
  • 12:30 Massimiliano Assante, CNR (Blue-Cloud 2026) - Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment services for Open Science practices
  • 12:45 Marie Jossé, CNRS (FAIR-EASE) - Virtual Research Environment (process data As FAIR As Possible)
  • 13:00 Peter Thijsse, MARIS (Blue-Cloud 2026/FAIR-EASE) - FAIR Data Discovery and Access
    • 13:15 Q&A and reflections

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