The Blue-Cloud Hackathon (7-9 February 2022) invited marine scientists & researchers, data scientists, ICT experts, innovators, students, and anyone passionate about the Ocean to explore and test Blue-Cloud: the new, Open Science platform for the marine domain offering a wealth of data, analytical tools and computing power to support you in developing solutions for a safe, healthy, productive, predictive and transparent Ocean.

Participants were challenged to develop applications that contribute to improving knowledge of marine ecosystems; support the transition to a greener, blue economy; advance Ocean literacy; and/or enhance international collaboration towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030. Teams were grouped into categories and faced different hackathon challenges.

Find here the teams that participated in the challenge and discover the people behind, the ideas, topics and video pitches realised. 

More information about the outcomes of the hackathon can be found here.




Cavorit Ocean T(win)

The knowledge of modern societies is T-shaped: Expert knowledge is deeply hidden within vertical silos of scientific communities, while on a horizontal layer, public debate and insights are often remarkably self-referential. The effort of connecting sciences under a paradigm of multidisciplinarity and big data might increase this gap. 


Hack the data: Can current data identify the drivers of plankton’s diversity in the Atlantic?