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DataDolphin - fast & smart marine risk prediction toolkit

What is DataDolphin?
DataDolphin is a data analysis and prediction toolkit for marine scientists and ocean enthusiasts.
It consists of three parts:

  1. a data analysis tool that reveals the general connection between the data points
  2. a prediction tool that makes future prediction 
  3. a playground where people can be familiar with marine data

Why DataDolphin?

Most Europeans live in the continent far away from the ocean or seas, but we cannot avoid the effects of the blue environment. That’s why we think people should know more about oceans. Data is always a hard-to-understand task for outsiders of a topic. 

DataDolphin Roadmap:
During the hackathon

  1. (baby dolphin phase)
  2. notebooks (dataset maker, data analysis with machine learning, deep learning)
  3. working and deployed models (before the final pitching)

1 month (kid dolphin phase): selecting more datasets and data point

2-3 months (learning dolphin phase): showing our solution to marine scientists and collecting feedback from them; add new toolkit for our analysation and prediction tool

4-5 months (evolving dolphin phase): develop new features and tools based on the feedbacks



The Challenge