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Blue-Cloud provides cross-domain marine data with EUDAT's B2FIND

24 December 2021

EUDAT’s vision is for research data that is shared and preserved across borders and disciplines. Achieving this vision means enabling data stewardship within and between European research communities through a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI), a common model and service infrastructure for managing data spanning all European research data centres and community data repositories. European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline can preserve, find, access, and process data in a trusted environment, as part of the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure.

One of the multidisciplinary research projects benefiting from EUDAT’s services is the H2020 project Blue-Cloud. Blue-Cloud intends to enhance the visibility and discoverability of marine data, not only for marine researchers but also for other research areas, such as humanities, climate sciences, and food and agriculture sciences. End-users will be allowed to search for marine data on a cross-domain level on the Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment(VRE)

Blue-Cloud currently uses EUDAT’s B2FIND service to ingest and publish metadata referencing Blue-Cloud’s data in B2FIND's interdisciplinary discovery portal. This helps make domain-specific Blue-Cloud data resources visible and discoverable on a cross-domain level. This is given even greater visibility by the fact that B2FIND is provided by the EOSC-Portal as one of the generic data discovery services.


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