31 May 2021


All-Atlantic Data & Policy Forum

31 May  | 14:00 - 18:15 CEST

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Under the umbrella of the All Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Research and Innovation (AANChOR-CSA) Project, the All-Atlantic Data Policy Forum forms part of the implementation of the Joint Pilot Action for Work Package 5 of AANChOR (Common Standards for Data and Information Sharing), and takes place in the run-up to the All-Atlantic R&I for a Sustainable Ocean Conference

The All-Atlantic Data and Policy Forum brings together speakers and panellists from across the Atlantic Ocean discussing and debating four topics that are pivotal to the future of Trans-Atlantic data and information sharing.

Blue-Cloud Project Coordinator Sara Pittonet Gaiarin (Trust-IT) is taking part in Panel 4 of this Forum: Technical Session on Data Infrastructures and Services.

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All Atlantic Data Policy Forum


  • What is the importance of Atlantic Ocean scientific data in the context of global change?
  • How will this data generate a solid and inclusive knowledge base for the development of solutions towards the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals and for science policy and management decisions?


  • Build a coalition of stakeholders with common goals towards data and information sharing.
  • Promote a governance approach and guidelines on how Atlantic Ocean natural and social science data, including indigenous bio-cultural knowledge, are collected, stored and managed.
  • Launch the Roadmap for the All-Atlantic Ocean Data Space (AAODS)
  • Release a White Paper providing recommendations for governments, enabling them to address critical issues arising from the need for sharing scientific data in an equitable and accessible manner.


  • To encourage the adoption of a data-driven mentality in scientific research, which will generate a good knowledge base for policy and decision making.
  • To influence the development of guidelines and legislation focused on Atlantic Ocean data collection and use, thereby opening the door for the Trans-Atlantic adoption of common standards for information and data sharing in the spirit of ‘open science’ and the FAIR/CARE principles.
  • To create a Trans-Atlantic federation of data infrastructures, in close collaboration with our sister projects, Atlantic brothers and other international initiatives.
  • To make Atlantic Ocean data available through a web-based platform All‑Atlantic Ocean Data Space (AAODS). The AAODS will provide maximum online availability and accessibility of data and contributes to wider efforts towards future ocean governance.
  • To ensure that all stakeholders have free access to relevant data and contribute to the sustainable stewardship of the Atlantic Ocean for the global common good.

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