• Mission: 

    ODYSSEA operates and establishes an interoperable and cost-efficient platform that combines observing and forecasting systems across the Mediterranean sea.

    The platform ODYSSEA develops to collect the data from the databases provided by agencies, public authorities, and institutions of EU and non-EU Mediterranean countries. ODYSSEA system, then, consolidate existing earth observation data related to the Mediterranean Sea to key initiatives such as Copernicus, GEOSS, GOOS, EMODNet, ESFRI, Lifewatch, Med-OBIS, GBIF, AquaMaps, Marine IBA e-atlas, MAPAMED.

    The integration among all these data enhance the accessibility to existing data and increase the temporal and geographic coverage of observational data in the Mediterranean basin.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Blue-Cloud and Odyssea will both benefit from cross cooperation as the projects are both building datasets from existing observation systems.

    Therefore, the synergy is established on feeding each other projects’ databases with relevant data. The data will fill the Blue-Cloud demonstrators records and Odyssea’s observing and forecasting systems of the Mediterranean sea.

  • Expected Impact: 

    Joint dissemination and communication activity