• Mission: 

    NEANIAS’ main objective is to promote Open Science practices while playing a crucial role in the realisation of the NEANIAS EOSC ecosystem by involving scientific and professional associations and by advancing the technological, procedural, strategic and business development of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).

    NEANIAS guides the co-design and release of innovative thematic services, developed from state-of-the-art and existing research studies and practices, thanks to the engagement of academic and business groups, numerous researchers, professionals and governmental entities. The work is focused on three main sectors: Underwater research, Atmospheric research, and Space research.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Blue-Cloud and Neanias develop joint dissemination and technical activities focused on Underwater and Atmospheric research (Neanias) and Fisheries, Aquaculture and Environmental Marine Indicators demonstrators (Blue-Cloud). The projects will also find potential solutions about the Future of EOSC with the development of business models which support the sustainability of the ecosystem.

  • Expected Impact: 

    Contribution to the Blue-Cloud strategic Roadmap to 2030