• Mission: 

    JONAS project addresses the issue of underwater noise and the threats it poses to sensitive species in the northeast Atlantic by streamlining ocean noise monitoring and risk management on a transnational basis.

    JONAS aims to harmonise technical approaches to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) requirements, promote quieter operational practices among users of the North Europe Atlantic marine space, support adoption of regional-scale approaches that benefit biodiversity and the MSFD implementation, and develop an innovative noise-monitoring visualisation platform supporting adaptive management of sensitive marine areas.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    In October 2021 Blue-Cloud and Jonas signed a Memorandum of Understanding highlighting four main action points for collaboration:

    • Contribution to Blue-Cloud Roadmap: JONAS provides insights and recommendations to Blue-Cloud about the development of the project’s strategic Roadmap. This may also require the attendance of events or submission of open consultations.
    • Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services: Blue-Cloud and JONAS can gain mutual access to the data of their VREs and verify whether their technical integration is possible.
    • Joint dissemination/communication activities: JONAS and Blue-Cloud may participate in webinars organised by the projects and/or talk about the cooperation established.