JERICO-RI is an integrated pan-European multidisciplinary and multi-platform research infrastructure dedicated to a holistic appraisal of coastal marine system changes. It aims to bridge existing continental, atmospheric and open ocean RIs, thus filling a key gap in the ESFRI landscape. JERICO-RI establishes the framework upon which coastal marine systems are observed, analysed, understood and forecasted.
JERICO-RI enables open-access to state-of-the-art and innovative facilities, resources, FAIR data and fit-for-purpose services, fostering international science collaboration.

Collaboration with Blue-Cloud

In April 2022 Blue-Cloud and JERICO signed a Memorandum of Understanding highlighting four main action points for collaboration:

  • Contribution to Blue-Cloud Roadmap: JERICO shared experiences and skills for the development of the Blue-Cloud strategic Roadmap. In particular, Laurence Delauney was one of the interviewed stakeholders who brought their vision, input and guidance into the Blue-Cloud Roadmap.
  • Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services: Blue-Cloud opened an account for JERICO to build a VLab at the Blue-Cloud VRE and gave the necessary guidance and support for this development and deployment. This pilot will be expanded as part of the Blue-Cloud 2026 project in which JERICO is now represented by several of its members for developing a more elaborated VLab.

jerico core vlab

  • Joint dissemination/communication activities: Laurent Delauney, Ocean Best Practices System and JERICO-RI joined the Round Table “Building and bringing a thriving marine Open Science community into EOSC: Opportunities & outstanding challenges” at the Blue-Cloud final event in Brussels in December 2022.

Download the synergy factsheet

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  • 48 months
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