• Mission: 

    JERICO-RI is an integrated pan-European multidisciplinary and multi-platform research infrastructure dedicated to a holistic appraisal of coastal marine system changes. It aims to bridge existing continental, atmospheric and open ocean RIs, thus filling a key gap in the ESFRI landscape. JERICO-RI establishes the framework upon which coastal marine systems are observed, analysed, understood and forecasted.

    JERICO-RI enables open-access to state-of-the-art and innovative facilities, resources, FAIR data and fit-for-purpose services, fostering international science collaboration.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services: Blue-Cloud and JERICO can get access to their VREs and explore a possible integration from a technical point of view.

    Contribution to the Blue-Cloud roadmap: JERICO is willing to share experiences and skills about the development of the project’s strategic Roadmap through the participations to events or submission of open consultations.