• Mission: 

    EuroSea aims to co-design a new approach that could improve European ocean observing and forecasting services and products by building the community needed for a system that delivers services and products on the ocean, ocean climate, marine ecosystems and their vulnerability to human impacts.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    In February 2022 Blue-Cloud and EuroSea signed a Memorandum of Understanding highlighting four main action points for collaboration:

    • Contribution to Blue-Cloud Roadmap: EuroSea provides insights and recommendations to Blue-Cloud about the development of the project’s strategic Roadmap. This may also involve attendance of events or submission of open consultations.
    • Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services: Blue-Cloud and EuroSea can gain mutual access to the data of their demonstrators and verify whether their technical integration is possible through the creation of a VRE on the Blue-Cloud infrastructure.
    •  Joint dissemination/communication activities: EuroSea may participate in webinars organised by Blue-Cloud and/or talk about the cooperation established and vice versa.