• Mission: 

    EuroSea aims to co-design a new approach that could improve European ocean observing and forecasting services and products by building the community needed for a system that delivers services and products on the ocean, ocean climate, marine ecosystems and their vulnerability to human impacts.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services

    EuroSea is primarily looking at data delivery from the observing activities in the ocean observing networks to data integrators. EuroSea is also developing two demonstrators: the Coastal Resilience and Operational Services Demonstrator that is advancing the collection, quality control, interpretation and use of sea level data to deliver a spatially complete picture of sea level changes, and the Ocean Health Demonstrator working with users in Aquaculture, Fisheries, Tourism, and Environmental Agencies to co-create products that help identify and foresee Extreme Marine Events. Due to the similarities of topics, the aim is to integrate the EuroSea data with the Blue-Cloud infrastructure in order to complement data that the projects might miss from their data value chain and, consequently, improve the quality of the dataset. EuroSea is also willing to scope out to what extent the activities by GOOS on mapping the data flow could benefit from cooperation between the EuroSea and Blue-Cloud.

    Contribution to Blue-Cloud Roadmap

    Toste Tanhua, EuroSea coordinator, is one the members of the Blue-Cloud ESEB team and is highly involved in shaping the future of the Blue-Cloud Roadmap from a strategic point of view.

    Joint dissemination/communication activities

    Blue-Cloud and EuroSea have been involved in events in which the projects were giving presentations and providing relevant inputs (e.g. Annual EuroSea meeting, All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum 2020). Moreover, EuroSea is taking part in the Horizon Results Booster (HRB) in the project group in which Blue-Cloud is involved too. The HRB provides opportunities to create policy briefs about ocean observing.