• Mission: 

    There are fundamental gaps in ocean observing and forecasting systems. Ocean observing is a “big science” and cannot be solved by individual nations. EuroSea aims to build a truly interdisciplinary ocean observing system able to deliver the essential ocean information needed for the wellbeing, blue growth and sustainable management of the oceans.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    EuroSea will develop interfaces with in situ data integrators. This will be one of the major contact points among the 2 projects. EuroSea will also work on rendering data from the observing FAIR system to be ingested in Blue-Cloud. EuroSea will be also invited to contribute to the Blue-Cloud roadmap and joint dissemination activities will be performed.

  • Expected Impact: 

    The collaboration will allow the two projects to ensure interoperability among the developed solutions, and to create a workflow for data ingestion strengthening the links between observing systems and the Blue-Cloud framework.