• Mission: 

    The EU-funded EOSC Future project aims to integrate, consolidate and connect e-infrastructures, research communities and initiatives in Open Science to advance the EOSC platform of services (EOSC-Core, EOSC-Exchange, Interoperability Framework). A major challenge in the project is to make a  bridge between the e-infrastructures such as EGI, EUDAT, and GEANT, and the Research Infrastructures, organised in 5 science clusters. The project aims at onboarding of RI services into the EOSC marketplace in order to reach out to a larger audience of potential users, but also at Research Infrastructures adopting EOSC Core services in order to achieve more integration. For this purpose, there is a large workpackage in EOSC-FUTURE dedicated to so-called Cluster Science Projects, which target prototyping multidisciplinary services, led by RIs, and adopting several EOSC core services. These use cases aim to demonstrate that the potential of European research can be supported and accelerated by connecting the major stakeholders in the EOSC ecosystem, developing scientific use cases in collaboration with the thematic communities, engaging the broader EOSC community and increasing its visibility

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Joint dissemination/communication activities: During the course of the project Blue-Cloud started a proactive approach towards the EOSC community to increase awareness about the Blue-Cloud Open platform as a great example of implementation of the three main components of the EOSC Federation - EOSC-Core, EOSC-Exchange and the Federation of Data & Data Services - into a unique Open Science platform accessible and usable by other research communities.

    With the objective to showcase the project's unique approach to Data federation, valuable also for many other thematic communities in the EOSC ecosystem, Blue-Cloud organised a workshop titled “Blue-Cloud Open Science platform as a model for a sustainable Data federation in EOSC” at the EOSC Symposium 2022, the main EOSC annual event that took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 14th-17th November 2022 as part of the calendar of events of the Czech presidency of the Council of the EU. Details and outcomes of the event are collected here.

    In addition, as part of its dissemination activities, the EOSC Future project developed a series of EOSC in practice stories, to showcase use cases of EOSC tools or services, and share best practices for researchers, data experts and service providers in their daily jobs to inspire further uptake. Dick Schaap, Blue-Cloud technical coordinator and Pasquale Pagano, Blue-Cloud VRE Manager, were interviewed to showcase the technical impact of Blue-Cloud. As an outcome two EOSC in practice stories were prepared, one dedicated to the Data Discovery and Access Service (DD&AS)  and one on the Virtual Research Environment.

     Moreover, in a practical manner, exchanges were established between the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service respectively Blu-Cloud VRE Products Catalogue service with the EOSC marketplace, facilitating   EOSC users to find and get interested in these Blue-Cloud resources, and then to navigate towards the Blue-Cloud for deeper and wider exploration and exploitation of these services.