• Mission: 

    The overarching vision of BE OPEN is to create a common understanding on the practical impact of Open Science and to identify and put in place the mechanisms to make it a reality in transport research. Openness, transparency, fairness, reproducibility of science are key aspects around which BE OPEN seeks to establish the ground rules for the transport research communities, ultimately creating a community of transport research organizations willing to work on the basis of a commonly agreed “Open Science Code of Conduct”.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Usage and exploitation of Blue-Cloud VRE services: BEOPEN has developed the TOPOS (Transport Observatory/fOrum for Promoting Open Science) tool, which aims to showcase the status and progress of open science in transport research. The transport modes data developed by BE-OPEN may be linked to the Blue-Cloud VRE and further exploited in the dataset. Moreover, BE-OPEN acts as a data provider to Blue-Cloud thanks to the access to the water and maritime transport modes data that can be included in the Marine Environment Indicators demonstrator.

    Joint dissemination/communication activities: The projects are planning to organise joint webinars and events to share the projects’ results and reach a broader community.