• Mission: 

    The EU-funded AtlantECO project aims to develop and apply a novel, unifying framework that provides knowledge-based resources for a better understanding and management of the Atlantic Ocean and its ecosystem services. AtlantECO will engage with citizens and actors from the industry and policy sectors in order to stimulate responsible behaviour and Blue Growth. The project focuses on three pillars of research: microbiomes, plastic and the plastisphere, and seascape connectivity. In pursuit of this goal, AtlantECO is bringing together experts and pioneers from Europe, South America and South Africa with the relevant resources, knowledge and experience.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    AtlantECO aims to use the Blue-Cloud results to make the connection between imaging, genomics and environmental data, while running the AtlantECO data analysis pipelines and delivering the resulting data products for EMODnet (several EMODnet data infrastructures are involved in Blue-Cloud). Furthermore, AltantECO is going to significantly extend the relevant data available to Blue-Cloud and its demonstrators through its systematic and harmonised data management processes for it several cruises and sampling campaigns. AtlantECO is also making the connection between EuroBioImaging and EurOBIS - EMODnet Biology (two data infrastructures which will be federated by Blue-Cloud). 

    Blue-Cloud may benefit from AtlantECO by accessing new data on microbiomes, the plastisphere and carbon fluxes that support ecosystems at basin, as well as from AtlantECO prediction of the cumulative impacts of multiple stressors on ecosystem status and dynamics and ES provision, identifying their drivers and role on tipping points, assessing their changes in recovery of ecosystem structures, functions and services, and developing eco-socio-economic models to predict future trajectories. These factors have a great impact in the Blue ecosystem and, therefore, have potential to be reflected on the numbers produced by Blue-Cloud Demonstrators.

    The Atlantic marine ecosystems assessed by AltantECO can have important inputs for the Blue-Cloud Roadmap, a document which considers the technical developments, market analysis and opportunities for exploitation of Blue-Cloud, while providing options that ensure sustainability of Blue-Cloud services and integration into the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) in the long term. Blue-Cloud roadmap can also benefit from the strategy AtlantECO is delivering on capacity building and transfer of knowledge for a seamless engagement between science, industry, policy, and society. It will be a relevant addition for Blue-Cloud Roadmap having contributions from AtlantECO, since this project have partners not only from Europe but also from America and Africa, with inputs from experts from other continents.

  • Expected Impact: 

    Shape future international policies that can shape the Blue-Economy and have a worlwide positive impact in sustainability, social and economic levels, as well as consider different but complementary types of Blue data that will support the Blue Economy experts on their work. All continents are connected by the oceans, thus, it requires a global approach.