The Blue Economy (BE) is associated to all the economic activities linked to the marine environment. Over the last few years, the BE has started to attract more attention thanks to to the economic benefits it brings (in 2018 the sector was valued at 750 million and gave job opportunities to more than 5 million people) and it shows growth trends.

The positive turn the Blue Economy is taking is not only linked to business opportunities but also to its contribution to ocean decarbonisation and higher sustainability levels for the oceans and the seas. The opportunity it brings is, perhaps, linked to environmental, economic and social sectors.

Due to the strategic and challenging role played by the BE, the EU Commission has organised an open Roadmap consultation from 19 October to 7 December 2020, where citizens and stakeholders can provide their feedback and help identify priorities which can shape the future of the blue economy.

The problems this initiative wants to tackle are mainly linked to fighting against climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the gaps in knowledge. In particular, this last challenge does not allow people to manage the problem in a systematic way.

Hence, cooperation among different parties is needed and the consultation and the Roadmap development represent a way to overcome the afore-mentioned issues and find innovative and sustainable solutions. This strategy will strengthen the Blue Economy role in the EU Green Deal. Some examples could be the implementation of decarbonisation, zero pollution, circularity and biodiversity strategies.

Other solutions can be offered by the usage of new technologies which improve our knowledge and observation of the ocean, which are the basis and foundation of having a well-monitored marine system. Perhaps, this new approach to the Blue Economy will enrich its role in the sustainability stage and will contribute to the achievement of better results on the international ocean governance scene.

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