DITTO Summit 2023: Blue-Cloud mentioned as contributor to the EU DTO

5 February 2024

Mercator Ocean International (MOi), a partner in Blue-Cloud 2026, attended the International Digital Twins of the Ocean Summit 2023 last November 2023, in Xiamen (China). The Summit, which counted with 450 participants from 19 countries, was a prime venue to share the latest advances on Digital Twin of the Oceans (DTOs) initiatives all over the world, as well as discuss future joint actions.

Marina Tonani, Monitoring and Forecasting System Architect at MOi, consortium partner of Blue-Cloud 2026, during the parallel session 5 "Advancing DTO Architectures & Interoperability", illustrated the EU DTO’s ambition to integrate the contribution of different projects by highlighting the EU project Blue-Cloud 2026 and how it will feed into the EU DTO’s architecture and the implications for advancing ocean research through open science and data.

Within the European Digital Twin Ocean, the Blue-Cloud digital ecosystem could be considered as a research component, offering e-infrastructure services (computing, storage, analytics, SSO, AAI and generic services, orchestrated with a large variety of data resources), a federated data service (10M+ datasets and products from leading European marine data management infrastructures), and research intensive virtual labs, embedded in a powerful Virtual Research Environment, federating multiple e-infrastructures. A valuable standardised datasets for future ocean research endeavors.


News piece: https://www.mercator-ocean.eu/actualites/international-digital-twins-of-the-ocean-summit-2023/


DITTO Summit 2023: Blue-Cloud mentioned as contributor to the EU DTO