Blue-Cloud has been cooperating with the FNS-Cloud project since April 2020, due to the commonalities shared by the initiatives in integrating data on the thematic European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) and fostering methods to make data more FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable). 

The collaboration has brought important results in a relatively short period of time. Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud support the development of the new FAO uFish dataset, a widely used and cited reference table of food composition values of aquatic products. The data are taken from selected publications and undergo a thorough review and validation process that must be replicated in this application.

The collaboration between Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud brings twofold benefits. On one hand, the uFish dataset benefits from EU-supported APIs, like FOODEX2, available in the FNS-Cloud dataset. On the other hand, through uFish, FNS-Cloud will be able to find fully referenced records on food composition of aquatic products. Moreover, the uFish dataset is going to enrich the Blue-Cloud Fishery VRE (Fish – a matter of scale) in terms of Global Record of Stock and Fisheries (GRSF) description of fish items in the food-value chain and can contribute to a better understanding of the nutritional contribution of fish to food systems. The data connection can be guaranteed through the exploitation of the D4Science Infrastructure.

For more information, visit our synergies page and learn more about the cooperation between Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud.