12 Oct 2020 to 16 Oct 2020

Campus Mondial de la Mer is organising the 12th edition of The Sea Tech Digital Week. The virtual event will host more than 30 webinars of 2 hours each, virtual exhibitions, B2B meetings and a press hall.

This year central theme,  “Observation: from seabed to space”  will be at the heart of every session. The weekly event, indeed, is focused on spreading knowlegde about the latest trend and news in the fields of ocean and genomic observation data, open access to marine data and new technologies for monitoring oceans and management policies.

On top, the Sea Tech Digital Week will represent an opportunity to engage different international partners and share cooperation models everyone can benefit from.

Blue-Cloud partners will join the event!

Gilbert Maudire, Ifremer and Blue-Cloud partner, will be one of the speakers of the Open Access to Marine Observation Data session on Wednesday 14 at 13:30 CEST. This conference highlights the importance of collecting marine data and build best practice models. It is organised by CNRS/Sorbonne Université and IFREMER in collaboration with Data Terra/ODATIS, SeaDataCloud, EMODNet, VLIZ, Copernicus Marine, all Blue-Cloud partners. 

If all of this sounds really interesting to you, visit the official website for more information and register for the sessions.

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