13 Jul 2022 to 16 Jul 2022
Leiden, Netherlands

ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary scientific conference in Europe, founded by EuroScience in 2004 and held once every two years since. It is dedicated to scientific research, innovation, and outreach. From 13 to 16 July 2022, ESOF 2022 will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands, the European City of Science.

ESOF is designed by EuroScience as a unique opportunity in Europe to present and discuss the frontiers of scientific and technological advancement, the relationships between science and society, and the policies supporting research. Every edition of this conference is unique with different themes and addressing the prevailing issues in science and society.

ESOF aims to

  • foster dialogue on science, technology, innovation, policy and society;
  • offer a platform for cross-disciplinary interaction and exchange;
  • present cutting-edge scientific and technological developments in all scientific areas, including natural and medical sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and humanities;
  • offer valuable opportunities for early-career researchers, including networking and career advice.

Introducing Blue-Cloud services at ESOF 2022

Blue-Cloud partners MARIS, represented by Dick Schaap and Peter Thijsse, are presenting a poster introducing the three main Blue-Cloud services:

  • The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service (DD&AS) facilitates access to multi-disciplinary datasets. The DD&AS functions as a broker both for metadata and for data access, interacting with web services and APIs from each of the Blue Data Infrastructures federated in Blue-Cloud. This way, it enables users to discover first at the collection level which infrastructures might have data sets interesting for their use case, and next, to identify and download relevant data sets at granule level from those selected infrastructures, by means of a common interface.
  • The Blue-Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE) enhances collaborative research. Services include Data Analytics (Data Miner, Software and Algorithms Importer (SAI), RStudio, JupyterHub), facilitating to build and run analytical pipelines,  Spatial Data Infrastructure to store, discover, access, and manage vectorial and raster georeferenced datasets, and services for provenance, documenting, and either sharing with selected colleagues or make available online any generated product (e.g. analytical methods, workflows, data products, publications, notebooks).  
  • This innovation potential is explored and unlocked by a series of Virtual Labs developed by five teams of experts, addressing societal challenges in the domains of biodiversity, genomics, marine environment, fisheries, and aquaculture. 

More details on the official website.

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