28 Sep 2020 to 02 Oct 2020

Φ-week is the annual Earth Observation event organised by ESA-EO. It puts emphasis on science, technology and application innovation-driven for Earth Observation.

Φ-week 2020 focused on developing the Digital Twin Earth (DTE) concept: scientists, political and economic decision makers can get practical knowlegde thanks to an AI-driven replica of our planet which transforms information coming from AI, Earth Science and Modeling and Cloud computing into insighful data. So, it has all the needed elements to highlight and support all the complex socio-economic challenges of our times. 

Blue-Cloud at the ESA EO Phi-Week

Dick Schaap (MARIS), Blue-Cloud technical coordinator, was one of the speakers of the DTE Ocean session in the afternoon of 2 October. The objective of this session was to set the floor and stimulate fruitful discussions for shaping the Digital Twin of the Ocean, involving internationally recognised experts of the sector.

The Digital Twin of the Ocean is a key part of the Green Deal call launched by the European Commission and of the Destination Earth initiative, which was also introduced during our workshop co-located with the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum in Brussels in February 2020.

Please find the slides of Dick Schaap's presentation here

You can rewatch the Phi-Week sessions here

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