19 Oct 2021 to 21 Oct 2021

Beyond the Horizon – Shaping the Digital Future

This year, the Conference looks at how EGI Federation is contributing to shaping the digital future: with EOSC growing more mature, the new EU research funding programme Horizon Europe on its way, and an exciting range of advanced services and innovative computing models supporting research, a new landscape for research is being shaped.

At the same time, the challenges we face at a global level – climate change, health crises and the fight against inequality – force researchers, service providers, funders, institutions and policy makers to rise above the status quo. 

At this edition of EGI Conference, the community is invited to work together in shaping the digital future with advanced computing services. Together, we will showcase new services and tools, investigate technical innovations, explore business opportunities and strategic and policy-related initiatives. As always, it will be a great event to present your own work and ideas, and to meet your peers and colleagues from all over the world. 

Blue-Cloud at the EGI Conference 2021

We took part in the Poster session on 20 October, introducing highlighting the key services developed within the Blue-Cloud technical framework and their potential impact on marine research towards tackling global challenges, namely the Data Discovery and Access Service, the Virtual Research Environment, and the Virtual Labs for specific sectors of marine research.

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