26 Mar 2021

EATIP (European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform) is an international non-profit association dedicated to developing, supporting and promoting aquaculture and, especially and specifically, technology and innovation in aquaculture in Europe so as to:

  • Establish a strong relationship between aquaculture and the consumer
  • Assure a sustainable aquaculture industry
  • Consolidate the role of aquaculture in society

EATIP is also represented in the Blue-Cloud External Stakeholders Expert Board by Alexandra Neyts, providing relevant insights for the development of the Blue-Cloud framework and its future steps, especially concerning Aquaculture.

Webinar: Digitalisation in aquaculture - From vision to action

Enabling technologies adapted to sector-specific challenges carries the potential to create high-impact innovations. More specifically, the digital transformation of the aquaculture sector, applying tools such as cloud services using big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, has the capacity to increase the sector’s efficiency.

The forum will address how improvements in precision farming, farming practices and profitability can be attained by using data technologies, and how increased forecasting and modelling capabilities may improve management decisions.

Join the webinar for a series of short presentations by innovative aquaculture businesses and leading researchers with an introduction to the wider context and application of big data by the European Commission.

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  • A comprehensive approach towards boosting digital and data technologies and sustainability in agriculture, by Doris Marquardt, Marjan Van Meerloo | DG AGRI – Unit B2 – Research and Innovation
  • Digitalisation in the aquaculture sector, by Per Ivar Lund | Aqualine
  • The use of IoT and IA for Digitalized and Sustainable Aquaculture, by Marilou Suc | BiOceanOr
  • Managing muliti-stakeholder digitalisation and big data project. Bottlenecks and possibilities, by Jørn Torsvik, manager | AquaCloud AS
  • PPP Seafood – a system by and for the industry to collaborate on the use of data, by Henrik Stenwig | Norwegian Seafood Federation
  • Use of innovative virtual reality methods in practical aquaculture training, by Hendrik Monsees | IGB Berlin

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If you are a researcher or a stakeholder in aquaculture, discover the Blue-Cloud Aquaculture Monitor

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