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Digital Ocean Forum 2024

13 June 2024 10:00–17:00
Palace of the Academies, Brussels.

The Digital Ocean Forum 2024 is a high-level event, taking place under the auspice of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the EU, on 13 June 2024 at the Palace of the Academies in Brussels. 

The European Digital Twin of the Ocean will unlock the door to knowledge and its translation into actions: it is a digital co-creation place at the crossroad of different disciplines. Its purpose is to provide Ocean communities, citizens, coastal actors, scientists, and policymakers worldwide, with actionable knowledge and to support them in their daily decisions and planning, to ensure a healthy and sustainable Ocean. 

The Digital Ocean Forum 2024 will be the occasion to unveil the prototype of the EU DTO and to showcase what the EU DTO, as a Commission public service, can do for the sustainable development of our blue economies and the management of our ocean resources, as well as how it contributes to the implementation of the Green Deal and the UN Decade of Science for Sustainable Development. 

It will bring together experts, stakeholders, policymakers and interested citizens in the co-design and co-creation of the European Digital Twin of the Ocean. 




Blue-Cloud 2026 at the event 

Blue-Cloud2026 was selected to contribute to the European Digital Twin of the Ocean, and will participate on the 12th of June to the Digital Ocean Forum Scientific & Technical Workshop, and on the 13th of June to the main event as a digital twinning application of interest with integration potential with EDITO, to be showcased for visibility during the High-Level Event. In addition, Sara Pittonet Gaiarin, senior project manager at Trust-IT Services & Blue-Cloud2026 project coordinator, will be giving a presentation during the European Digital Twin of the Ocean Demonstrations Session on "Unravelling marine food webs towards marine biodiversity conservation, an EDITOBlue Cloud cooperation"

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