30 Mar 2021

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) organised a workshop about the Copernicus Land (CLMS) and Marine Service (CMEMS) with special focus on the area where land meets water: the coastal zone.

The portfolio of Copernicus data and services is rapidly expanding. In this workshop the community was informed on the recent developments and bring the different Copernicus sub-communities from land- and marine-service together, to create awareness beyond the present Copernicus community and to create an NL outlook for the contribution to and the use of Copernicus services, both nationally and internationally.

The event is a showcase for the diversity and vitality of the Copernicus Land and Marine Services. Presentations from different perspectives of the community were featured (public, commercial, and scientific).

The plenary session in the afternoon focused on the coastal zone, for which recently the Copernicus Land & Marine Services joined forces to expand the service portfolio. The day concluded with a panel discussion with the speakers and Copernicus Services representatives.

Blue-Cloud Technical Coordinator Dick Schaap (MARIS) took part in the session about Marine Environment Management Service (CMEMS) at 11:45 CEST, with the presentation 'SeaDataNet, EMODnet, and WEkEO, major pillars under the Blue-Cloud' together with Taco de Bruin (NIOZ). The presentation's focus is on the key role played by leading European data infrastructures for ocean science in the context of Blue-Cloud.

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Source: Netherlands Space Office

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