02 Oct 2019 to 04 Oct 2019
Pisa, Italy

The 3-day meeting involving representatives from the 20 partner organisations took place in Pisa, Italy, on 2-4 October 2019.

The objectives of the meeting were to get to know the partner organizations and what assets they have, to share a common understanding of the project vision and activities, to agree on management procedures & collaboration tools and to plan the next six months of activities.

The project has started from solid foundations and fundamental past experiences. In fact, it would be challenging to think of a better consortium to achieve the Blue-Cloud objectives. The 20 partners participating in Blue-Cloud bring together leading European marine data management infrastructures, EOSC horizontal e-infrastructures, and top-level marine researchers.

The project holds great potential to deliver societal solutions via the implementation of five innovative demonstrators, covering specific domains like biodiversity and genomics, environment, fisheries and aquaculture.

Event Type: 
Blue-Cloud Event