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Blue-Cloud at European Maritime Day EMD 2023

Blue-Cloud Event
24 May 2023 02:00 – 25 May 2023 02:00
Brest, France

The European Maritime Day (EMD) is the annual two-day event during which Europe’s maritime community meet to network, discuss and outline joint action on maritime affairs and sustainable blue economy.

The 2023 edition of the European Maritime Day takes place in Brest, France, on 24-25 May as physical event, at Brest Expo - Parc de Penfeld.

The EMD is the place where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’. It provides an engaging and completely interactive experience to catch up on the current state of play on a broad range of issues concerning the blue economy and the marine environment and to discuss ways of moving forward.

It features a large number of inspirational speakers, thematic sessions, stakeholder workshops and pitch sessions organised by stakeholders and the European Commission. The EMD targets professionals from businesses, governments, public institutions, NGOs and academia as well as EU citizens interested in the Sea.

The EMD 2023 is being organised by the European Commission, the Metropole of Brest, the Secretariat General for the Sea, the Region of Brittany and the department of Finistère.

Live streaming of the following sessions will be available:

  • Opening Session - click here to add it to your agenda
  • EC high level panel session on a new approach to a Sustainable Blue Economy - click here to add it to your agenda

Benefiting from Maritime Data to Drive Marine Innovation

  • Joint workshop on 24 May 2023 - 16:15-17:30 CEST
  • Initiatives involved: Blue-Cloud 2026, Technopôle Brest-Iroise, European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet), VesselAI, The European Ocean Observing System Framework (EOOS)

Marine and maritime data is an inexhaustible source of innovation. Europe needs connected collecting, observing and processing capacities to understand, benefit from, and respond to the dynamic maritime transport and ocean environment, especially in the face of ongoing climate change and its implications for Europe.

Access to these capabilities and the data sets deriving from them are also being federated via a range of joint efforts, responding to a growing demand for Open Science and FAIR practices to be implemented in the marine and maritime communities. 

Key European initiatives are tackling different aspects of these connected challenges, via thematic hackathons, the development of virtual platforms and tools, unification of existing portals, collaboration with other data related communities, and coordination of ocean observing and maritime transport initiatives, in order to further enhance innovation in the blue economy and maritime policy.

The key objective of the workshop is to discuss how to ensure we are gathering, presenting and using the marine data that is needed to drive European marine and maritime innovation further. The workshop will be organised in two subsections including presentations from the five projects and an open discussion.

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Time Session
16:15 CEST

Welcome and introduction - Dick Schaap, MARIS, Blue-Cloud 2026 Technical Coordinator

16:20 CEST

(7-minute Lightning talks by each project/initiative)

Real-life examples of gathering and using marine data
  • Ocean Hackathon® organised by Campus mondial de la mer, feedback from 7 years of experience - Alice de Joux (Technopôle Brest-Iroise)
  • The Blue-Cloud thematic Virtual Labs - Patricia Martin-Cabrera (VLIZ)
  • European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet): The In-Situ Marine Data Service for Europe - Conor Delaney (EMODnet)
  • VesselAI - Manolis Kaliorakis (MarineTraffic)
  • The European Ocean Observing System Framework (EOOS) - Inga Lips (EuroGOOS)

16:55 CEST

Open discussion + Q&A

Gathering data, FAIR data services, and enabling innovation
Moderator: Quillon Harpham HR Wallingford, UK, EC Marine Knowledge Expert Group (EC MKEG)
  • Campus mondial de la mer - Technopôle Brest-Iroise - Alice de Joux
  • Blue-Cloud 2026 - Dick Schaap (MARIS)
  • European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) - Corine Lochet, SHOM
  • VesselAI - Kimmo Laaksonen (NAPA)
  • The European Ocean Observing System Framework (EOOS) - Inga Lips (EuroGOOS)

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