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Blue-Cloud at EGI 2023

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19 June 2023 02:00 – 23 June 2023 02:00
Poznań, Poland

EGI2023 takes place in Poznań, Poland – from June 19th to June 23rd!

At the annual EGI conference, international scientific communities, computing and service providers, European projects, security experts, community managers, and policy makers gather to take research and innovation in data-intensive processing and analytics forward.

Let’s gather in Poznań and:

  • Meet the scientific communities that are at the forefront of innovation, learn about their success cases, new requirements and solutions for data discovery, access and processing, and start new collaborations
  • Help research communities and industry joining their efforts to find common solutions to data access and data spaces
  • Meet the largest community of research cloud providers in Europe and their IT strategies
  • Learn about state of the art in scientific computing in Europe and meet a large community of cloud, High-Throughput-Computing (HTC) and High Performance Computing (HPC) providers that provide core facilities to today’s European computing infrastructures
  • Share your achievements in cutting-edge topics from distributed computing, such as federated trust and identity, data spaces, artificial intelligence, digital twins
  • Learn about the status and future of the EOSC Compute Platform during the final event of the EGI-ACE flagship project of the EGI community
  • Stay up to date with the latest technical development in cybersecurity, scientific applications, data processing and analytics, and digital twins

Data analytics platforms, tools and VREs for EOSC - 21 June 11:00 CEST

Over the last years the vast amounts of data created by fundamental research domains force us to consider new solutions for capturing, managing and processing of this data. Extracting knowledge or useful insights from this data deluge can be used for smart decision-making in various scientific domains. In the area of data science, a data analytics platform is an ecosystem of services that allow scientific researchers and Virtual Research Environments to perform big data analytics. A data analytics platform is an ecosystem of services that allow scientific researchers and Virtual Research Environments (VREs) to perform big data analytics. In this track we present how Data Analytics platforms, tools and VREs are helping scientific communities to daily work of modern scientific communities, Research Infrastructures, and the central role that EGI services is playing in this regard.

Blue-Cloud 2026 Technical Coordinator Dick Schaap takes part in the session to present Blue-Cloud 2026, a Federated European Ecosystem to deliver FAIR & Open data and analytical services, instrumental for deepening research of oceans, EU seas, coastal & inland waters. Get to know the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service as well as the Virtual Research Environment, available to marine researchers in Europe and beyond.

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