30 May 2022 to 01 Jun 2022
Pisa, Italy


The Blue-Cloud consortium has finally met in person once again to take forward key discussions on the future of the project. The Tuscan city of Pisa, home of Project Coordinator Trust-IT Services, hosted partners from all over Europe two years after the exciting kick-off meeting held in 2019.

As we approach the final phase of the project, the community took this chance to reflect on the successful delivery of its main assets, the Data Discovery & Access Service, the Virtual Research Environment, as well as the multidisciplinary Virtual Labs.

  • The meeting started on Monday 30 May, with afternoon sessions dedicated to Work Package updates and the evolution of services, including analyses of user adoption, and the increasing interfacing with the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). The day ended with a showcase of all Virtual Labs, featuring the most relevant changes and feedback from user communities.
  • Day 2 on 31 May clearly focussed on the way forward, as partners worked on fundamental issues such as exploitation and sustainability of the Blue-Cloud assets, as well as the synergies established with other initiatives such as FNS-Cloud, EuroSea, and more. The Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030 was another major topic for discussion, as the second round of public consultation closed recently, bringing extremely valuable insights from the wider community to the attention of our consortium on the way forward.
  • Day 3 on 1 June consisted of a full morning for the benefit of the Technical Committee, which has built on best practices and lessons learned from two and a half years of intense collaboration, taking advantage of a long-awaited in-person meeting to further improve the Blue-Cloud experience.

We are ready for the final leg of our journey!


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Blue-Cloud Event