Blue-Cloud Virtual Labs in support of Sustainable Development GoalsEach one of the five Blue-Cloud demonstrators is developing Virtual Labs for the benefit of the wider community, in order to demonstrate Blue-Cloud’s potential in different fields of marine research, ranging from biodiversity to environmental science, as well as fisheries and aquaculture.

In addition, different pilot applications were developed in the framework of the Blue-Cloud Hackathon event held in February 2022. Finally, in the framework of the Blue-Cloud synergies programme additional Virtual Labs were developed as pilots to support the work of other research infrastructures.



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Zoo and Phytoplankton EOV products

Processing several data resources available under different European marine networks to produce unique zoo and phytoplankton EOV products.

Plankton Genomics

Enabling scientific exploration of plankton, including its distributions, dynamics and fine-grained diversity to molecular resolution, through genomics analysis.


Marine Environmental Indicators

Developing an online service to provide and display indicators and information on the environmental quality of the ocean.

Fish, a matter of scales

Improving data management and analytic capabilities for fisheries by expanding the Virtual Lab for the Fisheries Atlas and the Global Record of Stocks and Fisheries.

Aquaculture Monitor

Delivering a tool to produce national aquaculture sector overviews for monitoring aquaculture in marine cages and in coastal areas.