• Mission: 

    OpenAIRE is a European project supporting Open Science. OpenAIRE has a dual-core: a well-established human network on the one hand, and an innovative digital infrastructure on the other. OpenAIRE knowledge network brings together professionals from research libraries, open scholarship organisations, national e-Infrastructure, IT and data experts. At the core of this organisation there is a pan-European network, National Open Access Desks (NOADs). It is made up of local Open Science experts present in every EU country and beyond, who work nationally and internationally to develop policies and help researchers adopt Open Science practices. OpenAIRE mission is to shift scholarly communication towards openness and transparency and facilitate innovative ways to communicate and monitor research. The vision is to transform society through validated scientific knowledge. Allow citizens, educators, funders, civil servants and industry find ways to make science useful for themselves, their working environments, the society.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    Blue-Cloud and OpenAIRE will work together to connect the blue thematic community and the horizontal e-infrastructures. Thereby the requirements and perspectives of the blue thematic community will be leading. Developing and providing dedicated blue services complementing EOSC base services will establish synergy and provide blue thematic functionality which will make the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) more attractive and fit for purpose of the blue community.

    OpenAIRE is aligning policies towards an effective Open Science (OS) implementation, by fostering open science dialogues for policies and their implementation in Europe and beyond. With this, OpenAIRE can contribute to the Blue-Cloud Roadmap by adding its inputs on how the technical developments, market opportunities should embrace and contribute to OS and, consequently, to the EOSC. Furthermore, OpenAIRE may support Blue-Cloud in disseminating the Roadmap Open Consultation by sharing to its wide network (e.g. 34 National Open Access Desks, OS experts, data centres, and infrastructure consortia who give regular training and advice at national level about all aspects of Open Science).

    OpenAIRE also will link Blue-Cloud results to its wide European community: researchers, content providers, funders and researchers administrators, to easily adopt open science and, consequently, enable discoverability, transparency, reproducibility and quality-assurance of research. A Blue-Cloud representative may join the OpenAIRE Community of Practice and benefit from training programmes of research and e-infrastructures that are provided, while Blue-Cloud may also promote their events and potential training programmes that will launch in the future, supporting cross-infrastructure training activities.

    The OpenAIRE PROVIDE is a potential dashboard for Blue-Cloud to make available blue data from the project and make it available to the OpenAIRE communities and, potentialy, enrich this data with additional metadata available in the dashboard. Furthermore, OpenAIRE Community Gateways "Fisheries and Aquaculture Management" and "European Marine Science" can be a relevant channel to make available data from the Blue-Cloud demonstrators, namely the "Aquaculture Monitor" and "Fish, a matter of Scale".

  • Expected Impact: 

    Support the Blue Economy growth thanks to Open Science and bringing together stakeholders (researchers, data producers, policy makers) from different backgrounds (Open Science in general and Blue Economy) that jointly can have mutual benefits. Shape future policies in Open Science and the Blue-Economy, to avoid duplication of efforts and maximising the work put in place form different players, by increasing data and service sharing to the worldwide community

  • Name: 
    OpenAIRE - Advancing Open Scholarship
  • Country: 
  • Project duration: 
    From January 2018 to February 2021
  • Type of funding: 
  • Consortium: 
    50 partners from 34 different countries
  • Budget: 
    € 9 999 997,50
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