• Mission: 

    FNS-Cloud is launching a first-generation 'food cloud', federating existing and emerging datasets, and developing new services to support re-use by food, nutrition and security researchers.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    The FNS-Cloud nutritional data will enhance the information about the status assessments of stocks and fisheries. The Fish - a matter of scales” demonstrator aims to increase the understanding of the dietary values of fish for local communities, often small-scale businesses and their families, and of the contribution of fish to local and national health.

    FNS-Cloud will be able to benefit of the Blue-Cloud virtual research environment to host its use cases. This will allow FNS-Cloud to access storage, compute and analytical resources piloting the usage of a Blue-Cloud solution in another domain.

    FNS-Cloud and Blue-Cloud will work together with the other thematic EOSCs to contribute to their implementation by bringing in the community perspective.

    FNS-Cloud will also contribute to the Blue-Cloud policy roadmap.

  • Expected Impact: 

    Increased project profile, reduced transdisciplinary barriers and enhanced ‘added value’ dissemination.