• Mission: 

    EOSC Secretariat delivers 360° support to the EOSC Governance while working openly and inclusively with communities to co-create an all-encompassing European Open Science Cloud. 

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    As part of its support role to the EOSC Governance, the EOSC Secretariat also oversees joint activities organised by thematic EOSC projects such as Blue-Cloud, which will work as a demonstrator for EOSC in the field of ocean science. Blue-Cloud takes part in key EOSC-related events coordinated by the Secretariat, such as the EOSC Symposium. Blue-Cloud also provides relevant contributions and documents to the EOSC Governance, such as position papers.

  • Expected Impact: 

    The collaboration will allow the Blue-Cloud to actively contribute to the development of the EOSC in the domains of ocean and environmental science, ultimately working as an example for other fields of research as well.