• Mission: 

    To develop and improve the functionalities of the EOSC Portal, further augmenting the catalogue of services assembled to date, and connecting independent, thematic data clouds for the benefit of users and service providers across Europe.

    The close collaboration with the EOSC Executive Board, Working Groups and wide-ranging stakeholder consultation will support the achievement of the project goals.

  • Collaboration with Blue-Cloud: 

    EOSC Enhance and Blue-Cloud will work together to expose the services and resources resulting from Blue-Cloud into the EOSC Portal, making them easily accessible not only for the blue economy sector, but also for stakeholders from different fields across Europe. Blue-Cloud will also support EOSC Enhance with the provision of requirements for further improving the portal functionalities, especially those related to the onboarding of services and resources of thematic aggregators.

  • Expected Impact: 
    • The collaboration will allow Blue-Cloud to actively contributing to the development and enrichment with additional Blue resources to be offered via the EOSC Portal.
    • Adoption of service onboarding rules for the thematic aggregators.
  • Name: 
    EOSC Enhance
  • Country: 
  • Project duration: 
    1 December 2019 - 30 November 2021
  • Type of funding: 
  • Consortium: 
    14 partners from 10 different countries
  • Budget: 
    € 1 999 700
  • Coordinator Country: 
  • Type of synergy: