Ocean data has become a critical resource for a much larger scope than only science. In particular, over the past few years we have seen a wide range of developments and applications in industry, fostering the growth of the emerging sector known as OceanTech.

This includes institutions and companies which rely on the use of marine data or resources for their operations, and spans over a growing list of areas including energy, transport, food and more. The French website Maddyness recently covered the evolution and explored the untapped potential of OceanTech, also involving Blue-Cloud partners IFREMER and CLS Group in this detailed overview (in French).

"It is as problems have emerged in the field of energy or health that the use of marine data has taken on another meaning than that of research alone. Startups must be informed of the existence of this data and access to it must be facilitated.” Romain Charraudeau, Director of Partnership and Transfer for Innovation, IFREMER

In the article, the positive future impact of Blue-Cloud is also mentioned, highlighting the aim to unite policy and economic actors around innovation in OceanTech. Charraudeau adds that in Blue-Cloud the data "are available in open source. Beyond their accessibility, institutional players are keen to support their adoption by private companies".

The blue economy private sector is indeed a relevant stakeholder for our project, as also stated in the Blue-Cloud Strategic Roadmap to 2030, for which we are currently collecting feedback from the marine and maritime community via an open survey. The French case on OceanTech shows the growing interest among stakeholders for an interoperable system where to find and access quality ocean data, for the benefit of multiple sectors beyond scientific research.

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Source: Maddyness

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