The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service (DD&AS) was featured as an EOSC in practice story by the EOSC Future project, which interviewed our Technical Coordinator Dick Schaap, MARIS, about its concept and implementation.

There are several research infrastructures or other data services running in Europe that cover a multitude of marine-related sciences, providing specific datasets coming from observations collected with different methods. These infrastructures constitute a diverse world, each looking at a piece of the big picture. Blue-Cloud aims to overcome fragmentation and create a bridge between thematic science clusters - such as humanities, climate, food and agriculture sciences - and EOSC, creating a data federation and providing a common access to a so-called thematic EOSC for marine data to enhance the visibility and discoverability of data from marine and environmental domains.

To overcome this fragmentation, a dedicated Data Discovery and Access Service has been implemented. This service facilitates discovery and retrieval of data sets and data products for external users in stand-alone mode, also interoperable with other Blue-Cloud services, such as the Virtual Research Environment. More than 10 million data sets are managed in blue data infrastructures (BDIs) that are connected to this Blue-Cloud service to serve federated discovery and access. A common interface is provided for discovery and retrieval of data sets and data products from each of the federated BDIs.

The future prospective is to realise what is called the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO), this is basically the realisation of a perfect, digital, image of the real world. This will be the basis in order to execute a huge variety of "what if" scenarios and data models." Dick Schaap, Manager at MARIS B.V. and Blue-Cloud Technical Coordinator

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Source: EOSC Portal