Ocean observation is essential for the knowledge base of the EU Green Deal, but as we know data are often collected by different authorities for different purposes. A proposed EU initiative aims to achieve a common approach for measuring once and using the data for many purposes across borders and disciplines.

These are some of the key issues also tackled by Blue-Cloud in its effort to federate existing marine data infrastructures, allowing for multidisciplinary data to be available for researchers in Europe and beyond. The five Blue-Cloud real-life demonstrators will provide concrete examples of the potential and the benefits of this collaborative approach for both researchers and decisionmakers.

The European Commission launched a consultation at the end of November 2020, asking for stakeholder views on the main challenges facing those engaged in all aspects of ocean observation – instrument design, monitoring campaigns, measurement analysis etc. – as well as those who need the results.

The objectives of this consultation are to:

  • collect facts, views and opinions on current bottlenecks in ocean observation and options and preferences for resolving them;
  • ensure all voices are heard with adequate representation of all stakeholder groups – private industry, public authorities, civil society, research;
  • gather further information, including roadmaps, policy briefs, studies and analysis of policies, actions and technologies.

In the context of this consultation, oceans observations include all surveys, monitoring campaigns or sampling programmes for measuring the state and dynamics of oceans and the marine organisms that inhabit them, while this does not cover observations made from earth-orbiting satellites which are dealt with elsewhere.

Have your say in this consultation by 19 February 2021 

Please find more details about this initiative on the European Commission website