The European Commission launched five new EU Missions in 2021 – including “Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030”. These Missions are intended as broad mobilisation initiatives rooted in the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, and will foster concrete solutions to some of the most critical challenges of our time, such as fighting cancer, adapting to climate change, protecting the ocean, seas and waters, living in greener cities and ensuring healthy soil and food. Missions will engage all Europeans at EU, regional and local level. 

Restore our ocean and waters Synergy info pack by CORDIS

The health of Europe’s ocean and waters is vital to its economic, social and ecological well-being. The EU boasts 68 000 km of coastline and the area of water under EU jurisdiction is even greater than its land area. Nevertheless, marine and freshwater ecosystems are degrading, and climate change will result in an increase of the frequency and severity of droughts, flooding and extreme weather, threatening the safety and livelihood of millions of people living in Europe.

The new Synergy Info Pack published by CORDIS showcases 34 research projects funded through the complementary programmes of Horizon 2020, LIFE and EMFF. The innovative work of these researchers is supporting the development of the technical, social, policy-related and industrial solutions needed to secure the restoration of aquatic ecosystems and the establishment of a sustainable and climate-neutral blue economy.

Among them are projects that foster a digital ocean and water knowledge system that builds on existing European infrastructures and services including Copernicus, EMODnet, Destination Earth, and European Research Infrastructure Consortia (ERICs). Blue-Cloud was included in this list under objective 3 "Make the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular", and several of our synergies are also part of the info pack.

We are looking forward to further consolidating our collaboration with like-minded initiatives at the crossroads between Open Science, marine research and blue economy.

Download the Synergy info pack by CORDIS

Source: Publications Office of the European Union