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Help us shape the future of the Blue-Cloud!

Welcome! Join us in shaping the future of the “Blue-Cloud”, an open, web-based cyberspace where marine researchers and innovators will come together to share data and advance Ocean knowledge through collective intelligence.

The Blue-Cloud will seek to:

  • Facilitate marine research by enhancing and bringing to the next level the access to multidisciplinary Ocean data and the provision of services supporting marine research.
  • Equip researchers & scientists with tools, data and capacity aimed at improving their productivity and results.
  • Enable new ICT tools, new skills and boost new business opportunities in the blue economy.
  • Trigger innovative ways to better address grand societal challenges in the area of Ocean sustainability.

Your input is key to ensure that this ambitious initiative is shaped according to your needs and expectations from its outset, building a shared, co-created and collective vision. Your support will help us develop a draft Blue-Cloud Roadmap to 2030 that will be released in Spring 2021 for further stakeholder consultation and feedback. Please note that we welcome your contributions in your personal capacity, without necessarily representing a wider collective.

It will take you approximately 15 MINUTES to complete this survey. Your answers will remain anonymous and we will not share any personal data with third parties. Deadline for submissions on 6 November 2020.

Thank you for your valuable input, let’s start!

Learn more about the Blue-Cloud Roadmap to 2030

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