19 Nov 2020

By the end of 2020, the European Commission will disseminate a new strategy for offshore renewables, as part of its Green Deal strategy. The topic is gaining a lot of attention nowadays and several countries such as Canada and part of the EU states are already investing significantly in this sector.

Nevertheless, a bunch of obstacles need to be controlled before tidal and wave power become the mainstream of future energy mixes.

In order to discuss this topic, Science Business will host  the 'Wave power: A new R&D agenda for oceans and energy' event, a private online expert roundtable on 19th November.

The discussion will  focus on two main objectives:

- to explore and analyse the current technology pathways in tidal and wave energy which offer both growth prospects and business opportunities;

- to discuss about policies and international cooperation mechanisms which would enable this process and accelerate it.  


More details are available at the official website